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Vanquish Products Currie Portal F9 SCX10 II Front Axle Kit (Silver)

Vanquish Products Currie Portal F9 SCX10 II Front Axle Kit (Silver)


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The Vanquish Currie Portal F9 SCX10 II Front Axle Kit is an all inclusive axle assembly that creates extreme amounts of ground clearance under the center of your axle. By increasing the pumpkin clearance by 1/2"+ (13mm), it creates the equivalent of running a tire that is over 1 inch taller than what is on your rig. But the real advantage of the Vanquish Currie F9 Portals is the gear reduction inside the portal (1.67:1), that can be tuned with optional gear sets (1.4:1 Overdrive - VPS08353). By adding reduction at the portal, less torque is transferred through the other upstream components in the drivetrain. These axles are a direct replacement to any Axial AR44 axle, using all stock links.


  • Requires the use of a 350 SLW hub or greater on Vanquish 1.9 wheels, Incision wheels will require a #4 or greater. Other wheel manufacturers offsets will vary.
  • Axles must be used in pairs, you cannot run a front portal axle without a rear and vice versa.


  • Portal box built into the included knuckle with bolt on high steer arm for double shear mounting
  • Gear reduction in the portal of 1.67:1 (18/30), Optional Overdrive Ratio of 1.4:1 (20/28) recommended for use in front axle only.
  • Included Vanquish AR44 machined gear set
  • Overall axle reduction of 6.26:1 with stock portal ratio
  • 13mm increase in ground clearance
  • Specifically design offset C-hubs is machined into the housing for strength, durability, clearance and scale appearance
  • Hex to hex width of 7.66 inches, only roughly 5mm wider than a stock AR44 axle with a narrow hex
  • Replaceable Chromoly threaded inserts used at knuckle and C-hub to ensure a stripped thread doesn't ruin your investment
  • Brass knuckle bushing from the AR60 axles are used in place of SCX10-II sized for more durability.
  • Chromoly AR60 size VVD axle shafts come preassembled
  • Chromoly stub shafts with 6mm design at the drive pin which tapers down to a 5mm thread for ultimate strength
  • Chromoly spool
  • Aluminum 12mm hex with set screw
  • Compatible with stock SCX10-II Chassis mounted servo or F9 Servo on axle mount
  • Uses all SCX10-II linkage
  • Adjustable steering stop integrated into knuckle
  • Complete Fast Eddy Bearings kit
  • Licensed by Currie Enterprises
  • Comes with One Piece Bearing Retainers (Patent Pending)
  • Double shear shock mounts
  • Integrated Panhard mount
  • Upper link mounts built into third member
  • Increased upper link clearance for more suspension up travel ability
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